Mohawk’s Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre helping industry partners go to market

ORIGINAL ARTICLE  Sadi Muktadir, canadianmanufacturing.com July 2, 2021

Mohawk College’s AMIC students at work in the lab. (Credit: Mohawk College)

Mohawk College recently announced that it had helped Barventory develop an IIoT-enabled keg scale to be used in bars and pub settings to measure and enable more precise pours, ordering and record consumption data.

The partnership with Barventory came together when Barventory reached out to Mohawk College.

“We want to support businesses and Barventory reached out to us through a friend of a friend,” says Simon Coulson, General Manager of the Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre (AMIC). “Barventory wanted a finished product that would meet their requirements and we were happy to collaborate with them on the scale, determining the measurements and parameters they needed.”

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