LiONS LAIR Client Feature – TopSpin Technologies (Part 4)

We are two weeks away from our 2018 Gala on THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 27th. In this week’s spotlight, we caught up with TopSpin Technologies to ask about their personal experience with LiON’S LAIR!

To purchase your tickets to this year’s Gala, click HERE! 

What was the experience like doing Lion’s Lair?
As a start-up company, the experience of doing the Lion’s Lair was extremely valuable. One of the most important components of a start-up company is the pitch and being able to communicate the value of your company to a wider audience. The training that comes with participation in the Lion’s Lair was exceptional and we still use the lessons we learned as we prepare presentations to investors and even to our target markets. So much of getting a start-up off the ground is the story behind it and the Lion’s Lair experience was instrumental in the fine-tuning of our story.

 What advice would you give to the top ten finalists?
Regardless of the outcome, focus on incorporating the training sessions into your presentation style, polish your pitch and take in as much feedback as you can. Enjoy the Gala night and don’t forget to network!

What have you been doing since Lion’s Lair? Any updates?
TopSpin continues to work on increasing our initial sales into the US. We now have sold into the NFL and NCAA and continue our presence at conferences to increase awareness. Last year we were successful in getting OCE MRCC funding and we are pre-qualified for the BCIP program.

What was your favourite or most memorable part of participating in Lion’s Lair? What did you learn?
On the first take of my recorded pitch presentation to the ‘Lions’ I called them ‘Dragons’. Oops! As mentioned above, a lot of the key components of a good pitch and how to fully refine our ‘story’ for presenting to everyone from investors to customers and everyone in between.

How has Innovation Factory and Lion’s Lair helped you on your journey?
Innovation Factory has been truly instrumental in the success of TopSpin Technologies. The staff at iF are exceptional, and I would highly recommend anyone who is considering starting off in the world of entrepreneurship to get in touch with them as soon as you can; you absolutely won’t regret it!

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