Lion’s Lair Client Feature – Obie [Tasytt] (PART 3)

This years LiON’S LAIR countdown is on! We are three weeks away from our 2018 Gala on THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 27th. In this week’s spotlight, we caught up with Obie [Tasytt] to ask about their personal experience with LiON’S LAIR, as well as what has been going on since!

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What was the experience like doing Lion’s Lair?
Lion’s Lair was a great experience for Obie [Tasytt]. It was a lot of work, but in the end, we really benefited from the competition.

What advice would you give to the top ten finalists?
Less is more! Be sure to simplify your pitch, keep in short and concise. Visual aid is always a nice touch with this format, so don’t be afraid to get creative with a product demo!

What have you been doing since Lion’s Lair? Any updates?
So much has happened since Lion’s Lair! After the competition, the Company moved to California shortly after getting accepted to the 500 Start-Ups Accelerator program and raised a small amount of venture capital in 2017. Obie [Tasytt] is now used by thousands of teams across the globe, while the team just moved into a shiny new office at McMaster Innovation Park (MIP).

What was your favourite or most memorable part of participating in Lion’s Lair? What did you learn?
I think it was a great and unique opportunity to pitch on TV. This type of PR experience was new for us. It taught us how to only pitch your business, but how to compose yourself under pressure and competition.

How has Innovation Factory and Lion’s Lair helped you on your journey
Innovation Factory and Lion’s Lair was with us at the very beginning of our journey. Lion’s Lair helped us with exposure in the community. We are also very grateful for the mentors who helped us navigate those early days and undoubtedly saved us lots of time avoiding common pitfalls. The coffee helped too!

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