IRIS, an AI-enabled transportation, pavement and right-of-way asset reporting technology creator, automates work processes for municipalities, improving cost efficiencies and enhancing service levels.

Their problem

Having only just launched their business, IRIS INC. turned to Factory for help with securing industry connections and support to build their business and secure funding.

Our solution

Innovation Factory and their Centre for Integrated Transportation and Mobility (CITM) provided IRIS with business advisory support as well as pitch and investment training. Innovation Factory also provided strategic introductions including the City of Hamilton, resulting in an award-winning pilot project and subsequent funding.

Company success

IRIS leveraged a lot of resources, services and connections from Innovation Factory and CITM, laying a solid foundation for their growth. IRIS has reached international heights, gaining media attention and new collaborations.


“Our company has received tremendous support from the Innovation Factory and CITM, especially with the ecosystem that they continue to build for their clients. Iris is the company it is as a direct result of the training they provided; the resources they made available; and the relationships they facilitated. Collectively, this has allowed us to grow and scale to the point where we can now have an impact globally.”

– Emil Ramos, Co-Founder

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