Hamilton’s Innovation Factory and the Value of a Startup Supercluster | AQ’s Blog & Grill

Apr 6, 2020

AQ’s Blog & Grill

“Innovation Factory Accelerates Success” – who doesn’t want that!? Incubators and accelerators, like Hamilton’s Innovation Factory, are the not so hidden gem that entrepreneurs need to know. In this week’s episode on AQ’s Blog & Grill, David Carter and Alan Quarry discuss the difference between an accelerator and an incubator, why Canada isn’t producing enough “mythical unicorns,” and how regional innovation centers need to work together to increase the success rates of startups. The City of Hamilton, often known for its Life Sciences presence, has a significant amount of innovation coming through that stream. But often, when academics and entrepreneurs come up with a brilliant new business idea, they end up thinking one of two ways: “I have this amazing product, so I’ll post about it and everyone will buy it. #success“; OR “I have this amazing product, but there are about 85 overwhelming steps between this point and having a viable go to market strategy. I don’t know where to start.” Whether it’s help with marketing strategies, boosting sales, finding investors or raising capital, the Innovation Factory fills in those gaps with workshops, programming and 1-on-1 mentoring.





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