Hamilton based AI and research company Zentrela Inc studying psychoactive effects of legal cannabis

Zentrela Inc., a cutting-edge AI and research firm based in Hamilton, has recently joined forces with Collective Project, a renowned local beverage producer known for its innovative cannabis-infused drinks. Together, they are embarking on a groundbreaking study focused on the non-therapeutic aspects of legal cannabis products. Zentrela’s revolutionary neurotechnology AI platform, Cognalyzer, lies at the heart of this collaboration, representing the world’s first scientifically validated test designed to quantify the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

Led by Israel Gasperin, CEO and founder, Zentrela’s approach combines proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms with deep neuroscience expertise to decode electrical brain activity and convert it into meaningful information.

At the core of Zentrela’s mission is the ambitious goal of creating an extensive and comprehensive scientific database comprising cannabis consumer experiences. This invaluable repository of knowledge is poised to provide cannabis companies with a wealth of objective data to bolster and enhance their businesses. In the past, such companies had to heavily rely on their own subjective descriptions and experiences for vital business development decisions. However, thanks to Zentrela’s groundbreaking work, they can now access verifiable and scientific insights to differentiate and effectively market their cannabis products.

In partnership with Collective Project, Zentrela undertook a meticulously designed study, enlisting the participation of 30 individuals who consumed Collective Project’s exceptional cannabis-infused beverages. The study aimed to glean valuable insights into the experiences of these consumers, shedding light on the non-therapeutic dimensions of their cannabis use. By merging cutting-edge AI technology with cannabis research, Zentrela and Collective Project are charting new territory in the industry.

Armed with the scientifically backed findings from Zentrela’s Cognalyzer platform, Collective Project can confidently engage with their consumers, offering them a deeper understanding of the psychoactive effects associated with their cannabis-infused drinks. This campaign not only promotes responsible consumption but also showcases Collective Project’s commitment to transparency and evidence-based practices.

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