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Inclusivity Business Resource Series: Flair VC (Immigrant Founders)

Investors overlook the untapped potential and unique perspectives that immigrant founders bring to the table, often due to unconscious biases or a lack of understanding. This session will focus on how diversifying investments by including immigrant-led startups not only drives innovation but also significantly contributes to economic growth and global problem-solving.

Join us if you are a founder and investor who is looking to gain a perspective on why investing in immigrant founders matters for the success of the ecosystem and how Flair Ventures can help.

We will explore the compelling data and success stories that showcase the exceptional value immigrant founders bring to the startup ecosystem and the resources that Flair Ventures offers.

Join Flair Ventures and hear about their ecosystem of CEOs, entrepreneurs, experts, and thought leaders. Flair VC is a passionate and supportive network, dedicated to rallying around visionary founders and their teams to drive success.


Meet the Speaker

Mano Kulasingam, Managing Partner @ Flair Ventures

Mano Kulasingam is the Managing Partner of Flair Ventures, a venture fund focused on investing and supporting early-stage immigrant-led startups. As an experienced founder and investor, Mano has focused on scaling startups and advising other founders on solving strategic and operational problems that cut across business and technology. Previously, he was SVP of Products at Accedo, and co-founder & CEO of Digiflare. In 2016, Digiflare merged with Accedo to become the global leader in video streaming solutions. He was named Top 40 Under 40 by Multichannel News.

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Dec 15 2023


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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