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Inclusivity Business Resource series: Black Entrepreneurship Alliance - Charting a new path for Black Entrepreneurs Photo of a group of black entrepreneurs in a casual office setting holding a team discussion.

Inclusivity Business Resource Series: Black Entrepreneurship Alliance

While Canada is home to 4.51 million businesses, only a marginal 2.1 percent are Black-owned. This stark underrepresentation, combined with systemic barriers, limited access to capital, and a lack of strong business networks, has created significant challenges for Black entrepreneurs and professionals. These obstacles are particularly pronounced in regions beyond downtown Toronto, further exacerbating the disparities in economic opportunities and support for Black-owned businesses.

Our session will delve into the transformative ‘Founder-First, Founder-Focused‘ approach of the Black Entrepreneurship Alliance (BEA), highlighting our dedication to nurturing Black entrepreneurship through tailored, expert-led programs in collaboration with YSpace and Schulich Exec Ed.

Explore how this unique partnership provides indispensable industry insights, tools, and resources, thereby equipping our community of over 1000 members and 100+ mentors with the means to overcome systemic barriers and thrive in dynamic business environments.

Join to hear about:

  • Building and leveraging a professional network in the tech and agri-food industries
  • Enhancing business prospects by developing essential skills and adapting to industry-specific challenges
  • Focusing on the unique needs of Black entrepreneurs
  • Receiving practical guidance and a tailored roadmap to successfully start, manage, and grow your business in these dynamic sectors.

This session is designed for Black entrepreneurs and professionals at any stage of their journey, who are seeking access to fully funded programs and partnerships to overcome systemic barriers and achieve unparalleled success and impact.

Meet the speakers

Olu Villasa, Manager – Black Entrepreneurship Alliance

The event is finished.


May 15 2024


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Innovation Factory (Virtual)


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