Electric-powered robot delivery devices made by Starship Technologies on a street

Delivery robots on sidewalks bring the autonomous debate home

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Electric-powered robot delivery devices made by Starship Technologies deliver drinks, food and parcels to homes and offices in the U.S., Britain, Germany and Estonia. In January, the San Francisco firm hit a milestone of one million deliveries by robot.

Courtesies borne out of the COVID necessity to step aside for fellow pedestrians on a sidewalk may help as small robot delivery vehicles rise in number.

These remotely-controlled devices are multiplying at a rapid pace, delivering pizzas, milk and other goods door-to-door in major North American centres and forcing urban planners, municipalities and the rest of us out for a stroll to stop and take notice.

Who has the right of way as a kitty litter-sized box on wheels comes whirring toward you while walking the dog? Just one of many questions raised by experts at a Hamilton co-hosted conference on the Future of Transportation and Mobility……………..

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