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Neuro Spinal Innovation (NSI) is a medical device manufacturing company that develops and services med-tech devices that treat chronic pain. NSI is a Canadian registered corporation operating out of Mississauga, Ontario. Currently, NSI is developing the SONIK Monark 100 (SM-100) medical device that uses focused vibroacoustic therapy, a non-invasive and evidence-based clinical methodology, to treat back pain. The SM-100 has received Health Canada approval and is in the prototype testing phase. NSI is built upon the 20-years of key learnings from the “parent company”, KKT International which commercialized the predicate device, the KKT M2, in markets around the world. NSI owns exclusive rights to all IP and trade secrets for both KKT and NSI, and plans to commercialize the technology in the North American market/healthcare system.

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