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ProSensus helps manufacturers develop new products faster and improve product quality by mining valuable insights from data they’ve already collected. ProSensus’ team of engineers and statisticians work to solve their clients’ most complex product formulation and process challenges through advanced statistical analysis, monitoring, and control.

ProSensus was spun out of McMaster University’s Chemical Engineering Department, to fill the need for multivariate analysis consulting, software & education, mainly in Fortune 500 companies.

The process of developing new products and reformulating existing products to meet new criteria is critical, but costly. This becomes more complex when you have extensive lists of raw materials, requirements to reduce costs, pre-existing manufacturing constraints, and/or strict regulatory environments. To help reduce time and resources, ProSensus has developed their ProFormulate framework, that can help companies develop new products faster, formulate novel, next-generation products offering superior performance, and reformulate existing products at lower cost, which helps any company develop and maintain their competitive advantages.

Over the next few years the company will focus on educating the pharma, biologics, energy and specialty chemical industries on the gains they can achieve using multivariate batch control. They will work with these clients to implement control systems by providing a system that predicts what the product characteristics will be when the batch finishes, and allowing them to make a mid-batch correction if it is predicted to be out-of-spec.

ProSensus believes their big competitive advantage is the fact that their engineering knowledge and experience permeates their consulting and software tools, allowing them to solve customers’ problems from a place of deep understanding, and get the solution right the first time.

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