Announcing the 2024 Beyond Boundaries Graduates

Announcing the 2024 Haltech Beyond Boundaries Graduates

As part of Innovation Factory’s ongoing commitment to fostering innovation and supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem, we are pleased to feature select posts originally published by Haltech, which amalgamated with Innovation Factory on April 1st, 2024.

Please note that posts published prior to this amalgamation contain references to Haltech, reflecting its historical presence and contributions to the innovation community.

Burlington, Ontario, Canada – February 27, 2024 – Haltech Regional Innovation Centre is proud to celebrate the graduation of 15 exceptional women-led startups from the 5th cohort of our Beyond Boundaries program. The graduation ceremony, held on February 27th, 2024, marked a significant milestone in the journey of these innovative women-founded startups as they step confidently into the next phase of their business endeavors.

Designed specifically to provide women entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need to succeed, Haltech Beyond Boundaries focuses on four key areas of business development: scale, sales, finance, and technology. Through a combination of expert mentorship, skills development workshops, and targeted networking opportunities, participants are equipped with the knowledge and support necessary to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the modern business landscape.

This year’s graduating cohort comprises 15 inspiring women-founded startups, each making their mark in diverse industries. We are thrilled to recognize the following graduates and their companies:

  1. Ehizogie Agbonlahor – Anuito
  2. Heather Deeth – Climate Legacy
  3. Natalie Sabri – Dough Parlour Inc.
  4. Emily Wright – Foli
  5. Maysa Hawwash – HearU
  6. Marcy Patten – Hydravent
  7. Caroline Ndiangui – Itso Coffee
  8. Lynne Yryku – LY Communications
  9. Aisha Govani & Sarah Larbi – Mid Term Rental Properties Inc.
  10. Rachel Adetayo – Mommy’s Little Helper Co.
  11. Kara Wardinger – Pawty Animals
  12. Atena Amanti Shahri – Pocket Clinic
  13. Kim McMahon – The Village Montessori
  14. Trish Knox – TK Events
  15. Sandy Karrys – Weavv

The success of these graduates underscores their hard work, dedication, and the transformative power of community support. Throughout the program, they have honed their skills, expanded their networks, and gained invaluable insights into market opportunities and global trends.

At Haltech, we remain committed to providing ongoing support to our alumni as they continue to grow and scale their businesses. Through mentorship, advisory services, and strategic connections, we will continue to champion the success of women entrepreneurs in Halton and beyond.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the 2024 Haltech Beyond Boundaries graduates and look forward to witnessing the continued impact of their innovative ventures on the local and global stage.

Learn more about Beyond Boundaries here.

Special thanks to our program mentors

Julie Ellis – CEO & Founder, Julie Ellis & Co | Author 📕 Big Gorgeous Goals
Karen Kelly – Sales Consultant, Coach, Sales Trainer
Sydney Rankin – Fintech Business Lead, Profitual
Reema Duggal – President, Sitaran Group

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