WeMesh makes watching videos together better with new mobile app

Ever stumbled across a funny video you wanted to share with a friend who’s on the other side of town? Or been to a gathering where everyone huddles around the one phone playing the latest viral sensation?

iF client WeMesh has developed a new app that addresses both scenarios; it synchronizes iPhone and tablet video playback and allows friends to watch YouTube videos and chat simultaneously. So you can watch perfectly synced videos together, anywhere.

The app uses a “sync engine” which coordinates two or more mobile devices to play video or music in precise synchronization, whether the devices are side by side or in different countries – yes, countries!

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Dr. Michael Pazaratz and Dr. Saeed Darvish-Kazem – both medical doctors – are the brains behind the app, and say the immediacy of the WeMesh experience is what sets it apart.

“Synchronous viewing is the logical next step for mobile devices,” says co-developer Dr. Michael Pazaratz, a nuclear medicine resident in London, Ontario. “We all like to share with friends. But the ‘share’ button on Facebook or Twitter is really a ‘send’ button. You’re sending something that you’ve already seen. Later your friend sees it. And after you’ve each seen it, you might talk about it.”

“But WeMesh offers true sharing because it allows everyone to watch video streaming at precisely the same moment. And to talk to one another in real time by text or voice chat within the app.”

Co-developer Dr. Saeed Darvish-Kazem, a cardiology fellow in Hamilton, Ontario, says that combining the two most popular mobile activities – watching YouTube and chatting – makes for a single, more enjoyable experience.

Some WeMesh features include: ability to sign in using your Facebook login, choose a video and invite friends to watch with you, chat by text and high-quality voice, search for and nominate content, and vote with your friends on what plays next.

Pazaratz and Darvish-Kazem developed WeMesh with a team in Waterloo, Ontario, home of many of Canada’s most successful tech startups. Pazaratz says the technical challenges of building their “sync engine” were enormous.

Several times the two young doctors were told by industry experts to stick to medicine because their goal of perfectly synchronizing multiple smartphones was simply impossible. But WeMesh has gone through rigorous testing using worldwide participants and “the sync is perfect” says Pazaratz.

“It’s always gratifying when you accomplish something they said could never be done.” Darvish-Kazem notes that while WeMesh is designed as an entertainment and social app, their proprietary sync engine has wide ranging potential in many other fields.

“Millions of people already regard smartphones as mini-computers in their pockets. But until now they’ve only been able to use them individually. The idea of being able to synchronize multiple iPhones with everyone seeing and discussing the same thing at the same time has enormous potential in commercial and government applications.”

Pazaratz and Darvish-Kazem most recently demonstrated WeMesh at the renowned Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this January, and the app is officially available for download via the App Store here.

Visit WeMe.sh to learn more, or connect with WeMesh on Twitter @WeMeshInc.


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