Video Series: Finding Talent, Onboarding New Hires, and Performance Management for Start-ups

How do you find the right talent for your team? When you have successfully hired someone, how do you integrate them into your company’s unique culture? How do you manage employee performance to best realize your return on investing in new hires? If you are a start-up faced with these and other related questions about the people you hire, this video series is for you.

The short videos cover practical information about hiring, onboarding, and managing people, with a specific view to the challenges that start-up organizations face. The videos are light on theory and are instead focused on providing “to dos”, checklists, and other helpful tactical resources. There are 12 videos in the series:

  1. Introduction
  2. Finding Talent – Introduction to the Hiring Process
  3. Finding Talent – Values, Culture, and Employer Value Proposition
  4. Finding Talent – Pre-Interview
  5. Finding Talent – The Interview
  6. Finding Talent – Post-Interview
  7. Onboarding
  8. Performance Management – Overview
  9. Performance Management – SMART Goal Setting
  10. Performance Management – Delivering Feedback
  11. Performance Management – Coaching with GROW
  12. Performance Management – Best Practices

Click here to view the videos. We hope you find them useful!