Support for growing businesses

In a rapidly-changing economy, companies must be innovative to stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive. This is especially true for small-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) that can sometimes lack the time, resources, or support to strategize for the future. Innovation Factory can help them meet these challenges.

Here’s some of what you’ll have access to as a client of iF:

Every SME can benefit from strong mentorship. iF is lucky to have a roster of Executives-in-Residence who’ve grown successful companies and have diverse specialties; they’re here to provide targeted support and coach you to the next level.
Our experts at iF can provide a thorough examination of your business to help your company face its greatest challenges and find its most promising new markets.
Organizations can often see rapid growth followed by periods of stagnation. Innovation Days are meant to infuse the entrepreneurial spirit back into your organization, helping empower your employees to implement new ideas and revitalize growth.
SME’s require attention different from that of our startup clients. iF provides SME-specific workshops and programs like LiFT to help solve problems that may be stunting growth in your business.
Your business growing rapidly is a good problem to have, but growing your organizational structure with it can be a challenge. From redefining cost structures, identifying new suppliers, implementing software systems and more - we can help you prepare.
SMEs are susceptible to stagnation; our mentor sales experts can be a fresh pair of eyes to help solve sales problems and provide you with new perspectives and avenues for your sales process.
Even the most successful established businesses run into complex financial issues.  From your books to bank loans, our team and network of advisors can help you effectively navigate your finances.
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