Cion Studio


Cion Studio builds and hosts apps, websites, and digital products so companies don’t need to hire a full time development team. They also offer search engine marketing, social media ads, as well as content creation. Enjoy all the benefits of a dedicated product development and marketing team, at a fraction of the cost.

Cion Studio is offering the following perks to Innovation Factory clients: 


  • Receive one free home page and a website/app review.


  • One free marketing strategy consultation

Software Development & Operations

  • Free project setup on Cion’s hosting platform
  • First month maintenance costs covered
  • Hosting at cost, no markup
  • Free technical consultation available

Contact the team at Innovation Factory to learn more about the perks offered by Cion Studio.

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Cion Studio


Quick Facts

  • Dedicated product development
  • Cost-effective marketing team
  • Free design & marketing consultations
  • Comprehensive software development
  • Free hosting platform setup
  • One-month maintenance covered
  • Cost price hosting
  • Free technical consultation