The Flight Program:

iF’s Lift Off Vehicle

The Flight Program helps ideas and companies take off. The Flight Program was developed by entrepreneurs and experts who’ve done it many times over. It is designed to accelerate progress across each of the five  start-up stages.

Clients start with iF at any stage. We help them solidify their current stage and move rapidly on to the next. We do this by coaching, mentoring, education and advocacy. By building connections to the funding and resources they need to advance.

In addition to participating in the Flight Program, all clients are encouraged to participate in our Cultivation Programs, where they can learn more and connect with others.

Five Programs for Five Startup Stages


We’ll help you develop your concept, identify the market need, and secure proof of concept.  We’ll help you through the Discover process with one-on-one time with our Experience Manager and participation in programs such as Lunch ‘ n Learn, Workshops, and Startup Weekend Hamilton.  You’ll also have the opportunity to compete in Innovation Night, our workshop and presentation event!


You’ll create a prototype and begin beta testing and you’ll determine your business model with tools like the Business Model Canvas.  We will support you in the Define stage with programs such as Lunch ‘ n Learn, Startup Weekend Hamilton, and Innovation Night.  This may be the time to consider becoming involved with our Co-Creation Centre.


By determining commercial viability, focusing on your business model and plan, and building your company strategy we’ll help you Design your company for success.  You can choose to participate in our Lunch ‘n Learn events, get involved with our Co-Creation Centre.  You may be invited to take part in special seminars, work with a Volunteer Mentor, or gain feedback from our affiliated experts at Plan Pitch Pivot.


You’ll prepare to Launch your business with determining product viability, organizing your go-to-market strategy, sourcing clients, and generating Revenue.  We’ll assist you with programs like Lunch ‘n Learn, LiON’S LAIR, and access to one of our EIRs.  You might take advantage of Peer-to-Peer groups or collaboration in our Co-Creation Centre.


Now that your business is off the ground, it’s time to Leverage your skills and assets by generating sales, looking for expansion, and entering new markets.  We’ll support you with Peer-to-Peer groups and coaching from an EIR or Volunteer Mentor.  You may benefit from highly specialized invite-only seminars, networking events, or pitch opportunities.  We may also assist you in your search for funding.