Banko Media

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Banko Media started as a photography studio in 1996.

Over the years we have worked on fashion, food, aerials, interiors, professional sports, portraits, cars, industrial, editorial and product. We’ve shot on cruise ships, on the Mayan pyramids, on the east coast, on the west coast and in points in between. We’ve worked with politicians, political parties, unions, colleges and universities. Hospitals, health systems, manufacturer big and small, farmers, banks, institutions of every size and governments at every level. We’ve been around the block, around the continent and across the pond. We love what we do.

The Banko Media philosophy toward business is simple. Trees don’t grow overnight. It takes years to develop roots, branches, leaves and a strong bark. When given the right resources and the right amount of time, a sapling can grow into a tree, and that tree can grow a forest. We are looking for clients that want to work collaboratively, clients that want to let us help them grow in the right direction.

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