Oakville man’s app rewards people with store deals and gift card discounts for self-Isolating

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Ethan Foy is a long-term resident of Oakville, who has recently returned after completing his undergraduate neuroscience degree at Brock University, where he founded his current startup, LifePoints, an app that looks to reward people’s healthy lifestyle choices.

March 28th, LifePoints released a new version of their iOS app that rewards people with discounts and gift cards for staying at their place of self-isolation. LifePoints is a free app that lets people collect points for their good lifestyle choices, which they can then spend on rewards, like discounts at vendors and gift cards.

They originally rewarded people for getting to the gym, but have reworked that feature to help incentivize people to stay home during these times. They’re going to continue to build out this version with new features until the government declares the situation handled.

“We’ve always been about rewarding people’s good lifestyle choices, and right now the best choice someone can make is to stay home.“ – Ethan, Founder

“We hope businesses will see this as an opportunity to show their support to people during these times by offering a reward on the platform.” – Ethan, Founder

A highlight of the current version follows:

– A user sets their place of self-isolation, which is saved locally on their phone and not collected by us

– They collect 100 lifepoints for every 24 hours they spend there and 25 lifepoints for every 1,000 steps they take

– They can then use these points to purchase rewards from our shop, compete on our leaderboards, or donate their points to charitable campaigns (which we convert to cash and donate to those charities)

LifePoints for Self-Isolation will be available on iOS starting March 28th. Android users are encouraged to join the waitlist on our website. For more information on LifePoints, and to find the waitlist visit https://www.lifepointsapp.ca/rewards-for-self-isolating.

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