Startup Weekend Hamilton winners enter Global Startup Battle

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CrossPoint, winners of Startup Weekend Hamilton: Maker’s Edition, have entered the Global Startup Battle for a chance to win 500k in prizes! Check out their entry and vote for them!

CrossPoint is a startup comprised of five individuals who came together when they heard an idea that hooked them. Brad Vander Boogaard, the man who started it all with the pitch that none of the team could walk away from. His infectious exuberance breathed life into the fledgling team. Without the coding skill of JD Cumpson, CrossPoint would be nothing more than a good idea that got tossed around. Working long hours with his headphones pouring music into his ears, JD brought the vision into reality. Big, abstract thought were brought to us by Mark Devos with brilliance and an excitement that was contagious, no matter how exhausted we were.

The counter-balance to this team of men was delivered with tenacity and pointedness by Magdalena Wierzbicka. Her perspective helped ensure they saw their product from perspectives that were unknown to the rest of the team. Thrown into the mix of brilliant people is Aaron Perras, diligently working to remind the other of the ticking clock of the competition. It is this variety of people that has allowed them to create something they believe will be an amazing tool to connect people, now.

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