Qidni Labs: Building filters for artificial kidneys and the ISS

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Morteza Ahmadi and his startup company Qidni Labs have received an amazing new grant from the CSA.

“We wanted to build an artificial kidney,” Morteza Ahmadi explained when describing how he got the idea for his company’s nano-filters. “We looked at three properties needed for a filtration system that would work when implanted in a patient: durability, compatibility, and core size in the nano range.” Coincidently, these three very important properties are what attracted the CSA (Canadian Space Agency) to Qidni Labs.

Qidni Labs was founded by Morteza Ahmadi who received his Ph.D from UW and developed his company in the fall of 2014 with the help of the Velocity Science lab at the University of Waterloo.

Read the full piece on Qidni Labs in the University of Waterloo’s student newspaper, Imprint, here!

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