McMaster Game Developers Association launches

The first ever meeting of the McMaster Game Development Association (@MacGDA1) took place last night on campus. The networking event was sponsored by Hamilton Economic Development (@hamiltonecdev) and brought in about 40 students, mostly from software development related programs, but also from humanities, multimedia, anthropology, etc.

Part of the club’s activities will revolve around building a non-trivial game together over the course of the school year. The club has done a great job of reaching out and including the local video game industry in their activities, and the local video game industry has already supported them by sponsoring their posters, events, etc, which is great to see. There’s always been potential for a larger video game industry in Hamilton, between the strong creative community and the video game related programs at McMaster University. Congratulations to club president AbdulRahman and the MacGDA executives on a very successful first event! And let’s hope this new club can help catalyse more video game development in Hamilton

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