Medical School Applicants assessed with innovative tool from Altus Assessments

Altus Assessments recently announced that it has assessed more than 55,000 academic applicants for personal and professional characteristics such as empathy, ethics and communication skills using its flagship tool, “CASPer.”

Through existing and upcoming partnerships, the Altus Assessments team expects that the CASPer test will be used to assess over 50% of all U.S. medical school applicants.

This growth shows a deep desire among admissions teams to look beyond cognitive- or knowledge-based measures when selecting applicants.

“Adopting the CASPer test gives academic programs a holistic view of applicants at the very earliest screening stage of the application process, by assessing personal/professional characteristics in a reliable fashion,” says Rich Emrich, CEO of Altus Assessments. “Programs can now make high-quality evidence-based admissions decisions which consider applicants beyond just “book smarts”, while respecting the reality of limited resources and constrained budgets.”

About Altus Assessments

Altus Assessments Inc. provides higher education academic programs with evidence-based, non-academic admission assessments of applicants.

Altus’ primary tool is the online CASPer™ test, delivered at CASPer helps programs easily and robustly find holistically better students at the earliest stages of the application screening process.

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