Our Process


Our mandate is to help strengthen Greater Hamilton’s next generation of job and wealth creators by building a dynamic culture and community of innovation.

iF operates as a not-for-profit resource for the business community, which allows us to offer objective, management-level business advice and support that will focus on helping you to build innovation-based growth in your organization.

By creating a culture and community of innovation, entrepreneurs get the support they need to bring new ideas to life and to market, and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) get access to a developed network of resources to assist them getting to the next level.

One of the key issues facing SMEs today is getting caught up with day-to-day businesses operations and not making time for the development of future plans, which are crucial to the success of any company. We understand that your time is valuable and have designed our workshops and seminars to help deliver impactful, focused and meaningful results to help you take strides in improving your business.

The LiFT program has been built to help give you the broadest perspective for the business decisions you are faced with everyday. By doing this, you will have more vantage points to understand the problems you are facing, more knowledge to solve them, and ultimately, deliver better results to your business. Through facilitated meetings, workshops, peer-groups, and seminars we can help you to set important short-term objectives that will connect with long-term goals for growth and innovation in your organization.

In order to help us better understand your business, we ask you to fill out our brief LiFT intake form. This will help us to identify the stage of growth you are currently in, understand your vision for the company and existing business strategies, and help identify any alternative paths for your growth.