An Executive Series of Innovative Programs to Help Your Business Transition, Grow, and Succeed

In a rapidly-changing economy, companies must be innovative to stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive. This is especially true for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that often lack the time, resources, or support to strategize for the future. To meet these challenges, Innovation Factory has developed LiFT, a series of programs and consulting services specifically designed for senior executives to meet the challenges of a global market.

Multiple surveys of global CEOs show that they know they must embrace innovation in their products, processes and overall operations to remain competitive. However, very few actually know where to start. With LiFT, Innovation Factory’s experts and partners will help you discover ways to foster innovation at all levels of your organization and build sustainable growth.


The LiFT program is designed to help you identify the challenges within your current stage and scope of growth. We will then work with you to build a tailored innovation assessment specific to your needs and goals. You will have access to industry experts, programs, and other resources to overcome the obstacles you face in each stage of development.


LiFT is modelled from the book Double S-Curve for Growth, which explains the challenges your business faces in relation to the stage of growth your company is in. We use the Double S-Curve Model to guide how innovation will excel your business and LiFT you to the next stage of growth.


Growth Stage and Challenges
Start Up – Market validation, business plans, funding.
Scale – Increasing market share, expanding locally/globally, talent management & acquisition.
Compete – Increasing number of competitors, margins are shrinking, focused on day-to-day operations.
Transition – Market is oversaturated. Growth has slowed o in decline.

Whether you are scaling your business, maintaining your competitive edge, or looking to transition into the next phase of development, Innovation Factory’s LiFT program will help you innovate to stay ahead.


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