Need Funding?

iF doesn’t provide funding, but there are many things we can help you get it.There are 3 keys to finding funding, and there are ways iF can help with each.

Getting Funding–Ready

At whatever stage you’re at. Do you have a fundable idea or project? Does it need more work? Can you protect your IP? Have you done the work on your business plan for sales, marketing and product development?

Contact us, and we’ll give you feedback on your state of Funding-Readiness and what you might do to move ahead. But even before that, look through our website, at our Resources section for information on funding readiness and take a close look at MaRS Entrepreneurship Toolkit.

Pitch Readiness

If you have a fundable idea, you still have to have a clear, concise and compelling way of communicating it to others. Sometimes it’s not the best idea that gets funded, it’s the best pitch.

Attend iF’s Plan, Pitch, Pivot events to see entrepreneurs in action pitching their ideas and the questions seasoned mentors and investors ask. Our Factory Five section features five minutes videos of entrepreneurs presenting their concepts to eager, knowledgeable audiences. This may give you an idea of how it’s done – and how you might do it too. Our Resources section offers useful information on many topics that feed into creating a successful pitch.

Getting Matched With the Right Investors and Funders

You have a fundable idea. You’ve got your pitch down pat. Now who is the right match?

iF is at the centre of an innovation ecosystem, that includes both government funders and private investors. As you participate in iF events you’ll get an opportunity to meet them, and learn about their needs and point of view. As we get to know you, we’ll suggest options for you and in some cases may be able to make a connection for you.

Through iF you can participate in a number of Community Competitions like LiON’s LAIR and Startup Hamilton that provide both cash and in kind support for winning entrepreneurs, and valuable exposure and experience for all who enter.

If you become an iF client, we are able to advice and help that is worth many thousands, even it you are not able to offer funds directly.

The quickest path to funding?

  • Explore out website extract the resources you need?
  • Contact us and see about becoming a client. We offer many events and programs open to all at and of value at whatever stage you’re at
  • Attend iF events and get involved.