Getting Started

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The best way to get started is to tell us who you are!  The Innovation Factory is an ecosystem of people in the community.  These include businesses, inventors, entrepreneurs, students and a host of people in the community supporting innovation. If you are in the neighborhood, drop in to our “Innovation Destination”, grab a coffee, use our WiFi and meet with some of the others in our ecosystem.[clear]

I’m a Start-Up

If you are a start-up, you need to be a client!  It doesn’t matter what stage you are at, we have people and resources to get you to the next level.  Become a client here.   Browse some of our existing clients by clicking here .

Already a client?  Get involved in the ecosystem.  Come to our events, meet your next business partner, find a mentor, or try out your value proposition on others.

I’m a Small Medium Enterprise  (SME)

We can help you build innovation into your business.  Whether its expanding your product offering or working more efficiently, we have programs tailored to SME’s.   First, Become a client here. Click the “Join Us” tab.  Our LiFT Program is designed for companies with revenue and staff, but want to stay competitive, or event reinvent themselves. Of course all of our events are open to you.  Browse our events here.

Don’t need help?  We’d love to have you in our ecosystem as a Mentor, or a Partner. Come out to our events and hear some of the pitches.  Browse some of our Clients and maybe their products or services can help you.

I’m a Student

If you are creating a Start-up, follow the links at the top.  If you are still unsure, come out to our events and find your next idea, join a start-up, or just be part of the ecosystem and network.

I Want to Help

There are lots of ways to help foster the ecosystem!  Be a Mentor to a Start-up.  Support our Clients by using their products and services.  Become a Partner.  Partners comes in all forms (programming, financial, mentorship).  Reach out and ask us how you can help.

Make Some Noise

Share our news, events, clients, tweets!  We need our community to amplify our message.  Make sure you share!  Bring a friend to the next event and tell that start-up you met to come see us!