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Marketing & PR Peer-2-Peer | Rethink Content Creation Strategy

April 29 @ 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm









In a world where we’re all busy, the last thing we need to do is burn hours thinking about what to post in our marketing and PR efforts.

This month’s Marketing & Public Relations Peer-2-Peer groups join forces to tackle content creation strategies to elevate the customer experience and the positioning of your brand.

In this session we will be doing a deep dive into how to produce content with the goal of taking away your mental roadblocks and show you a tangible system and process to make it as easy as brushing your teeth, and to showcase how consistency can lead to tangible sales on your bottom line, new customer engagement and enhanced corporate brand.

Open discussion and Q&A to follow.


Justin Konikow has been a go-to authority over the years and speaks on a national level on the topic of content and how it relates to marketing and sales for small businesses and individuals. As co-owner of Prime Media Productions, they focus on content production with a focus on branding and sales. They create videos, podcasts, visuals, and articles. Partnered with the likes of Scott Mcgilliviray from the HGTV show Income property and Ryan Serhant for the BRAVO show “Million dollar listing”- he is privy to some interesting insights and industry tips and tricks. He is also one of the founders of “The Industry Syndicate” podcasting network- comprising 26 shows with a listenership cresting 300k a month, and co-owner of Prime Real Estate Brokerage turning the industry upside down and coming at things from a fresh new perspective with over 60 million in sales last year and being involved in over 2000 transactions.

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