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Leveraging Data & AI: A practical guide for small & medium manufacturers

June 24, 2019 @ 8:30 am - 2:00 pm



Is your business ready to leverage data to gain a competitive edge?

You may have heard a lot of buzz over the business benefits of better leveraging your data and taking advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. However, for many small and medium sized manufacturers, this area remains a black box where it’s difficult to get practical information on how to spot opportunities in your business and how to plan initial steps to adopt these technologies.

Over the past two years, there have been significant advances in the ease of use of these technologies, through many open source code libraries and software tools. Thus, using data analytics and AI is no longer just for larger companies with sizable IT departments. Now, as a smaller and medium sized manufacturer, adopting the right technologies and processes will help you stay up to date with rapidly changing expectations on both the supplier and customer fronts. It can also surface new business models and growth opportunities that were not possible before.

WHO should attend?

  • Leaders and decision makers (business and technical) at small and medium sized manufacturers.
  • The content is aimed at manufacturers that have a strong interest in exploring how they can collect, analyze, and use data to create a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • If you’ve already started collecting data but are looking for ways to take better advantage of it, tools such as machine learning and AI will be introduced.
  • Firms that work with manufacturers in the supply chain such as logistics providers, are also welcome.
  • Attendees not from a manufacturing firm can attend with a higher ticket fee. If attendee numbers are getting close to capacity, we may prioritize registrants from manufacturing firms.

WHAT will you learn and how will you benefit?

  • This event will focus on practical content for leaders at small to medium sized manufacturers.
  • The objective is to make you think about opportunities in your business and after the event, take some action on them.
  • You will make connections with organizations and technology firms that can help you consider and plan next steps.
  • After the Event: We’ll stay in touch to see how you’re progressing and how we and our partners can support you.