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Industry Data Deep Dive by HubSpot

May 14 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm










The global health and economic crisis hasn’t affected everyone the same way.

This week, join HubSpot Director of Sales Crevan O’Malley and Gong’s Head of Content, Devin Reed, as they sit down to take a deeper look at industry-level sales and marketing performance data.

They’ll discuss which industries are weathering the storm and which are struggling. They’ll also share insights into how each of these industries can pivot their marketing and sales playbooks to adapt to the new economy.

While they’ll mainly focus on data from Computer Software, Construction, Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Travel, Human Resources, and Entertainment businesses, they’ll bring in advice and examples from other industries, too.

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We’ll Discuss:


Which industries are doing well and which are hurting the  most?

We’ll look at performance data across marketing and sales to  discover which industries are best weathering the storm.



What can we learn from industries that are doing well?

We’ll dive into what’s caused success in certain industries and what businesses in other verticals can do to replicate that success in their own ways.



What can hurting industries do to pivot their playbook?

For businesses in struggling industries, we’ll provide strategies for pivoting to improve marketing and sales performance.