Digby Paints Offers Carefully Curated Palette of 60 Colours for Walls

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E-commerce has only increased in recent years, and in the wake of the shelter-in-place restrictions, more Canadians are flocking to online retailers for their needs. One Canadian brand is setting itself apart as the first online paint store — Digby Paints. The brand offers a carefully curated palette of 60 colors for walls and trim, plus all the supplies, all of which will be delivered straight to your front door. Plus, the digital platform will help consumers visualize the look and calculate how much paint the job requires.

“We wanted to fix the paint shopping experience – to modernize and simplify the way people buy paint,” said Torrance, who co-founded the company with Emily Kinread. “For our customers, that means no more wandering around the store trying to find someone to help you, or killing time while you wait for them to mix your paint, or making multiple trips to the store after you realize you forgot something. It’s a better way to buy paint and get consistently great results.”



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