Zizzle Lab
Future Inventors at Play!
An app that lets kids tinker with awesome inventions.

Through colourful and playfully-designed animations, kids tap, drag and drop their way around an expanding library of inventions, like a toaster, roller-coaster, and elevator, taking them apart and rebuilding them to learn how they tick.

Zizzle Inventions allows children to gain confidence in their understanding of the world around them, helping them to see themselves as future inventors. It is the only interactive mobile app for kids that explains how everyday inventions work and builds STEM confidence.

Our mission at Zizzlelab is to encourage future inventors by fostering creativity, curiosity and learning through play.  We also want to make STEM learning more accesible and inclusive. Together, as parents, designers, gamers and educators we are thinking of new ways to connect the dots to inspire young brilliant minds.



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Noam Lamdan