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About us

The next generation of sustainable plastic and coating solutions aren’t just inspired by nature. They actively incorporate different systems and processes, unlocking possibilities that were unthinkable just a few years ago. Oligomaster is the intersection between advanced disruptive lab technology and industry experience that we use as our operating system to streamline, grow, and develop innovations within the plastics and coatings industries.

Our story began in 2019 incorporating a company with an idea to change the polymer industry in the way it develops new products and technologies. After graduating The Forge in 2020, the forward momentum of our dedication to disrupting the market was in full-scale. Today, Oligomaster has pivotal technologies in the company’s four main pillars: Agri-food Nexus: Bioplastics and Advanced Materials, Sustainable Plastic Recycling, Next Generation Antimicrobials, and A.I. guided solutions for renewable plastic products.

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Kushal Panchal

President and Co-Founder



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