Stretching Material Possibilities.
We’re a team of physicists, engineers, and creators inspired by the beauty of self-assembly in nature.

MesoMat is an advanced materials company which has developed a proprietary wire that is able to conduct electricity even as it stretched like a rubber band. Our unique fibers and yarns can act as lightweight sensors to monitor strain and mechanical failure when embedded within materials.

MesoMat fibres can enable real-time monitoring to help detect early signs of material breakdown and prevent failure. Our technology is highly customizable and sensing parameters can be easily tuned to meet precise needs.

Work with MesoMat to develop:

  • Comprehensive monitoring of material health, in real time
  • Seamless embedded sensing, without impacting material integrity
  • Customizable and scalable sensing options to monitor fatigue, failure, and fracture
  • Simple measurement and data acquisition



Fast Facts
Advanced Materials & Advanced Manufacturing - Manufactured Goods:
Leadership Team
Paul Fowler
Sukhbir Kalirai