Medtel Software
Improving Patient Outcomes Through Knowledge
The Canadian market leader in providing billing solutions for physicians

Med-Tel Software Ltd. is the developer of ClinicianApps, a suite of secure, easy to use,  cost-effective software apps and services for healthcare.

Their philosophy is to provide quality software and support at a reasonable price. By utilizing the most modern tools and technologies, it is possible to provide outstanding software while keeping the cost to the consumer at a minimum.

Med-Tel’s software development is governed by the following principles:

  • It should be simple
  • It should be powerful
  • It should be inexpensive

Med-Tel Software Ltd. was created to provide a state of the art billing solution to the physicians in Ontario. We then partnered with the two largest academic healthcare organizations in Canada to create the software engine that is the base for all of the integrated ClinicinApps products.


Fast Facts
Leadership Team
Dan Meyer
James Mayor
General Manager