Longan Vision
Seeing the Unseen.

Longan Vision focuses on developing smart products to improve work experience and efficiency. We provide engineered products to face extreme challenges. We are building an ecosystem of linked products to enhance communication and efficiency.

At Longan Vision, one of our key values is working with our community partners to continue to adapt and evolve. Through these partnerships, we work together to make our lives better.

Our Featured Products:

Fusion Vision System (FVS) is an Augmented Reality Smart Visor that can be attached to firefighter’s helmet. FVS provides enhanced vision and information sharing abilities that will allow firefighters to see through smoke, locate victims and find fire sources.

Longan Vision is proud to introduce Gatekeeper. This solution is for fast, multi-person temperature measurements in densely populated areas. By utilizing thermal imaging technology and an automatic face detection system, Gatekeeper provides relative human skin temperatures in real-time.


Fast Facts
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Leadership Team
Enzo Jia
CEO & Co-founder
Leno Zhao
COO & Co-founder