Lexi Valley
AI Education & Robotics
Training the Next Generation of AI Master.

Lexivalley Inc. offers revolutionary AI education for youth through an interactive robotics platform. Children have fun building, coding, and playing with robots while becoming the next AI masters. Our product lowers the teaching barrier for educators and parents who are passionate about introducing STEM concepts early on in children’s development.

What is MAX? MAX is a STEM education toy that helps children learn about artificial intelligence (AI) by playing with and building smart robots. It comes with different course levels to guide children from beginners to future AI masters. The unique modular design also allows kids to maximize their creativity and boost their STEM skills.

We believe learning should be fun and self-driven. MAX is designed to allow children to learn by playing. Each task is like a mini project that children must build, code, and understand the AI concepts to reach a desired smart robot. Furthermore, teachers can easily arrange robot matches for fun activities!


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