Kiri Innovation – Phiz 3D Scanner
Turn Everything into 3D.
The World's Most Affordable High-Precision 3D Scanner.

Phiz is a 3D scanner that scans real-world objects and generates high precision computer 3D models. Its core AI and machine learning technologies make the 3D scan easy, fast and accurate. Powerful AI integrated algorithm also greatly reduces the hardware cost while maintaining industrial grade scanning results.

Why Phiz?

Color Ready

Phiz not only captures the accurate geometric information, but also the full color of the object.

Creation & Analysis

The 3D scan can be exported in .STP, .STL and .OBJ formats for further modification.

Ready to Print

Phiz generates watertight meshes right in your smartphone or laptop. The model can then be sent straight to your 3D printer.


Fast Facts
Digital Media and ICT - Software:
Leadership Team
Jack (Zheng Nan) Wang
Founder and CEO