Harmonize Mobility
Thought leaders focused on the future of transportation.

Harmonize Mobility is a Canadian company focused on the future of transportation by providing thought leadership and solutions in three key areas: the development of a software platform for improving transit efficiency; global standards for sidewalk and curb transport, and education for urban planners and policy makers.

The HMS Platform

An easy low-cost way to harness commercial ride providers to fill the gaps in municipal transit systems.

HMS is an online platform that allows transit operators to define and manage how they deploy ride providers to better serve their users. A subsidy system makes it affordable for all.

Sidewalk and Curb Global Standard

When Automation comes to the sidewalk and curb, how will cities manage the change? We are leading ISO 4448, a technical data and communication standard for managing real-time mobility flow among automated vehicles and devices at sidewalk and curb (or pavement and kerb).


Fast Facts
Leadership Team
Bern Grush
Co-Founder, CIO
Jerry Boyer
Co-Founder, COO