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About us

If you are looking for a mechanic near you then look no further. GoWrench brings mechanics and tire technicians to your home or work. Brakes, batteries, alternators, starters, belts, pumps, oil changes, new tires, tire swaps and more. Next time don’t bring it in, just book online and a certified mechanic will come to you to diagnose the issues, provide a quote, get the parts and complete the repair. All while you enjoy the comfort of your own home or stay productive at work. Fleet mechanic service, at home mechanic service, and road side service.

Founder and CEO Joshua Lombardo-Bottema started the business after experiencing the inconvenience of auto servicing. With no mobile mechanic services on the market, he saw the need for more convenient service, time savings, and cost savings.

With highly-trained mechanics, the right technology, a dedicated customer service team, and the proper equipment, over 500 services can be completed at your workplace, on the job or right in your driveway.  GoWrench Auto is here to change the way you think about car repairs.

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