Gene Blueprint
Personalized fitness and nutrition programs based on your DNA
Genetically guided to avoid the trial and error of FAD diets and workouts.

20+ Unique Genetic Traits: We pride ourselves on providing the most accurate genetic scores supported by rigorous peer-reviewed science. We detect 10 million genetic variants and use a proprietary method to integrate millions of variants into scores for a wide range of traits.

Personalized Meal Plans: We provide personalized meal plans developed by a team of registered dietitians based on your genetic profile. Each plan is crafted according to your health and fitness goals, taking into account your lifestyle, age, gender, height and weight.

Personalized Workout Program: Developed by Nicholas Jones Strength and Conditioning coach of the GB Olympic team, our system tailors each workout program to your genetic profile and goals. Our interactive web-based portal helps you track your progress at all times.


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