Epineuron Technologies
Accelerating Regeneration
We are changing the standard of care for treating peripheral nerve injuries.

Outside of surgery, there are no treatments for injured nerves.

We are building the world’s first electroceutical device engineered to supercharge the nerve and accelerate regeneration. Our technology delivers electrical stimulation that boosts the nerve’s natural biochemical process to heal and repair itself when injured.

Peripheral nerve injury can result from a nerve transection, crush, compression, traction, and ischemia. Any of these injuries can cause physical disability that impacts the quality of life and ability to live and function normally.

Electrical stimulation of nerves has been used for decades in various capacities. However, only in the last 15 years has a dedicated neuroregenerative paradigm been found for injured peripheral nerves. Recent clinical evidence developed by our scientific team has validated the effectiveness of the paradigm, paving the way for commercialization.



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Mike Willand
Co-Founder, CTO