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One barrier faced by people of colour seeking mental-health support is a lack of therapists who share the same cultural […]

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ORIGINAL ARTICLE,, August 18, 2021 Acquisition of the MedEd management software company advances Altus’ vision of helping academic programs […]

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Pretto’s Pasta increases revenue by 94% over one of the toughest years for start-ups! Pretto’s Pasta is a Hamilton-based, gourmet […]

Written by: Keith Russell, Hamilton Business Development Officer, Hamilton Business Centre Helping Hamilton’s entrepreneurs succeed. In a nutshell, this is […]

We’re once again set to enter a virtual LiONS LAIR, and even though the competition remains online, the stakes are […]

Seven Canadian tech companies have recently made acquisitions or have been acquired, including Clio, ChainSafe, Versaterm, Obie, Covience,, and […]

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ORIGINAL PRESS RELEASE, Olivia Adkison,, July 28, 2021 A beaver and a llama walk into a bar. The beaver […]

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ORIGINAL ARTICLE,, July 28, 2021 Collaborative innovation provides patients with a new CHAMP HAMILTON, Ontario — VoxNeuro has received […]

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ORIGINAL ARTICLE, Beth Gallagher,, 2021 It takes a particular kind of resilience to pitch an idea for a startup […]