At-home blood test powers personalised longevity advice

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ORIGINAL ARTICLE, longevity.technology, October 15, 2021

AgeRate develops proprietary DNA methylation clock and mobile app solution to offer users personalised longevity support.

Canadian startup AgeRate is aiming to shake up the world of biohacking with an at-home blood test and science-backed app that delivers health and longevity advice to users. The company has developed its own epigenetic biological age clock, the results of which are combined with a wide range of additional biodata and analyzed to provide personalized lifestyle recommendations that target specific health and aging improvements.

The company’s story begins in 2018 at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, where Kirschner was involved in a research project to develop a cost-effective way of measuring DNA methylation to predict biological age. After winning a local startup competition, the topic of commercialization became a serious one.

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