A night at DemoCamp21!

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By Marc Directo
Manager, The Forge accelerator

Changing my furnace filter, getting my oil changed, metrics for the Forge – all things I have to do every quarter.  I don’t always don’t look forward to these things.  What I do look forward to is DemoCamp!

DemoCamp, for the uninitiated, is an (approximately quarterly) event put on by our good friends at Software Hamilton – meant to showcase Hamilton companies and their products.  It’s a relaxed, friendly, “safe” environment to show people what you’ve been working on.  For the audience, it’s a fun way to find out about cool things going on in the community; for demoers, it’s a way to get early validation and feedback so you know what you’re working on is worthwhile.

democampI’ve been to a number of DemoCamps, and DemoCamp21 on June 24th had no shortage of impressive products showcased – from apps that help users handle stress, to games inspired by Norse mythology.  All of this in one of the gems of Hamilton’s event spaces – the Art Gallery of Hamilton’s Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Pavilion.  What was quite apparent is that there’s no shortage of talent in Hamilton who are creating new and innovative products and I’m always inspired by what this city is churning out.

It would take too long to go into detail about each demo but here’s a quick recap and some highlights:

  • Thrive Games throwing it back old school and making us all miss our NES and SNES’s with their Dragon of Legends game demo

  • Comikka taking print comic strips out of the last century and into the digital world

  • Tribute Tree making it easier to pre plan for significant life events using your social networks

  • Dr. Anand making it fun and easy for kids to actually learn about CS concepts with his Image 2 Bits software

  • Riipen showing us how a squirrel with nuts might help companies hire qualified candidates

  • OneBase making the mundane (onboarding new employees) fun with their web based and mobile tool

  • Vicky from Take 5 helping people de-stress, and be more mindful using her mobile app

  • Quickhire and Magnet tackling post-secondary recruitment, by giving students the right tools for finding a job

  • Communote makes sharing documents simple and provides tools for content producers to actually get rewarded for their hard work

  • Medstack brings tools to developers to harness all of the health data being collected, in a seamless secure way

democamp-thriveOverall, it was a great night filled with promising tech.  Usually, there’s a keynote speaker to start the festivities, but this “all-demo” rendition felt even more exciting and I’m proud of the innovation that’s coming out of Hamilton.  Each DemoCamp gets better and better, and I highly encourage you to attend the next one that Software Hamilton puts on. Check out softwarehamilton.com so you don’t miss it!

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