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Some companies give back to the community. Xocial has built its business on it.

xocial_photo_press_kit_closeup“We live in a world where people are concerned with points, followers and likes,” says 42-year-old Colin Duetta, CEO and co-founder of Xocial (pronounced “social”). “And so we thought it would be great if people were recognized, inspired and rewarded for social good – a credit rating for your soul, if you will.”

A form of gamification, Xocial is an app that uses a patented “xo score” to earn its users points for performing good deeds, such as defusing a cyberbully or stopping an inebriated friend from driving home after a party. “What if keystrokes could be helpful instead of hurtful?” Duetta asks, rhetorically. “One can simply open the app and award someone with points that will go toward their overall xo score.”

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