Zombies have overrun a research base on a moon of Jupiter. Malfunctioning nanobots have turned the top secret lab into a land of dark horror – and it’s spreading. Are you brave enough to save the system?

Zombie Moon is the mobile evolution of the social games you’ve played before – streamlined for playing on the go. Free to play, with no ads. Of course.

BONUS: 30 point bonus if you install in the next week or two!

Download Android here

Download iOS / Apple here

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Video Tutorial
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If you want to Beta Test, please submit any issues through Settings > Testing or www.zombiemoongame.com/helpdesk/ . We use HESK, and you’ll need to log in using your email/password from Zombie Moon.
About SHG: Snakehead Games (www.snakeeheadgames.com) has developed amazing online social social gaming since 2008. SHG is based at Unit 312, 195 James St. North, Hamilton, Ontario :: [email protected]

Twitter https://twitter.com/zombiemoongame
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ZombieMoonMobile

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