Matthew Sheridan, Nix Color Sensor: Quality color control

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Matthew Sheridan of Nix Sensor Ltd was recently interviewed for Influence Magazine, where he spoke about the state of our city, Hamilton’s appetite for innovation, and the impact of events like our very own LiON’S LAIR!

“Matthew Sheridan was a boy who saw a toaster and needed to know how it worked. While other kids were making Pop Tarts, he was making connections and becoming a self-taught engineer in his homemade lab. Matthew has won the coveted title of Entrepreneur of the Year, yet he never made a single “Top Student” list in high school or as a McMaster engineering student.

The Influence Magazine team caught up with Matthew in his Nix Color Sensor lab at McMaster Innovation Park in Hamilton and got the story behind his portable colour measurement tool and why the big boys with the $10,000 scanners are suddenly looking over their shoulder.”

Read the full interview with Matt here!


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