Elev8 participant MedStack receives investment from Highline BETA

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Highline BETA recently announced an investment in Elev8 participant, MedStack: a platform for app-enabled healthcare innovation. As a startup co-creation company, Highline BETA has been tracking and informally advising MedStack. They are now confident entering them into their “venture acceleration model”. This program will help MedStack close their pre-seed round, expand their orientation to serve large organizations, and help them do significant distribution deals.

About MedStack

MedStack is driven by a singular question that asks “What can we do to take the tremendous innovation and creativity in technology entrepreneurship today and apply it to the world’s biggest problem?” They are all believers in the powers of software ecosystems, yet observe that chronic disease is rampant, and hospitals still rely on a foundation of paper charts, and verbal/memory-delivered histories, while next-gen technologies are more powerful than ever. Their mission is to bridge this gap.

Read more about this story here.

About Elev8

ELEV8 has companies who have a product in-market (or close to launch) present themselves in an investment-style pitch presentation. It’s designed to help connect our partners, volunteer mentors and the broader Hamilton community with some of our up-and-coming startups.

ELEV8 Pitch Night is open to the public and attendees will have the opportunity to observe 8 five-minute presentations from local innovators, and network while enjoying delicious appetizers! This month’s presenters include: ToolLinked, Input Health, Pyngle, Iaqob Technologies, Empatico, Safedose, Training Seeker, and MedStack.

Our presenters will be pitching investment-style for the chance to take home a $250 or $750 prize!

Learn more and register here.

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