Crowdfunding Campaign – The Greenlid: A Revolutionary Compostable Organic Waste Container!

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The Greenlid: A Revolutionary Compostable Organic Waste Container Provides a Reprieve from Leaking Plastic Bags and Dirty Compost Containers.

Crowdfunding Kickstarter Campaign began Tuesday February 11 for the greenlid, the first completely compostable organic waste container so you will never have to clean your compost bin again! Say goodbye to leaking plastic bags and dirty compost containers. Once your greenlid is full, compost it and its contents, and start with a new, fresh greenlid container. The kickstarter has raised over $3000 in less than 24 h.

Toronto, ON.  According to Statistics Canada 1 in 4 Canadians are now actively participating in organic waste collection programs across the country. For those people collecting, it means they have to deal with the separation and storage of wet and sometimes rotting waste in kitchen compost containers. Many municipalities allow the use of compostable (plastic in Toronto) bag liners to help keep the containers clean and encourage use. However, these bags are not designed for the free containers given by the municipality where they often leak or collapse in on themselves leaving the user with the awful task of having to clean their compost container after every use. Enter the revolutionary new compost container: The Greenlid.

The greenlid is the first fully compostable organic waste container that when it’s full the entire container and it’s contents can be disposed of in your municipal collection bin (green bin), and even your home compost pile! The entire system consists of a compostable container, a reusable plastic greenlid to conceal collected waste, and a compostable lid for clean disposal. The container is made from 100% end-of-life recycled paper (that’s paper that can’t be made into any other paper products, similar to egg cartons) that is made water resistant through the addition of food grade natural mineral salts. This material has the added benefit that it can actually improve compost quality due to the added fibre  which is recommended for most home and industrial compost piles. Also, due to the porous nature of the fibre – the greenlid can actually reduce the smell. Not only is the greenlid a practical solution to messy and smelly organic waste, but the design aesthetic surpasses most compost bins currently on the market.

This simple, but elegant solution to eliminate leaking plastic bags was first envisioned by two brothers, Morgan and Jackson Wyatt who like many, were tired of leaking plastic bags. They are both recent University Graduates, Morgan with a PhD in Chemical Biology from McMaster University and Jackson with a BSc from University of Toronto, who was recently enrolled in Humber College’s Bachelor of Industrial Design program before pursuing this endeavour. They are now hoping for the support of others who never want to clean their compost bin again through a crowdfunding campaign where they are looking to raise $25,000 to purchase the final moulds for the containers and the lids and meet their manufacturers minimum order requirements. Information about the greenlid and the kickstarter campaign can be found at www.thegreenlid.ca or by contacting Morgan Wyatt ([email protected]). The kickstarter link is: http://bit.ly/thegreenlid-kickstarter.

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